Dan McEntire

Father, Former Mayor, Entrepreneur, and Life of Serving Others

Born in '53, I've resided in Northwest Georgia for the entirety of my life. I greatly accredit God and this region for my life's accomplishments and for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I've spent the majority of my life within the private sector and as an entrepreneur of Cumberland Mill from 1973-1987 and my current company, Supreme Carpets. I've served the community before, as Mayor of Chatsworth, but as a father and husband I needed to devote more time to my family. I've always said, "Don't do something unless you're going to give it 100%." Now, with my wife's support, my daughter having a family of her own, and the business being phased out, I can devote my time and energy to serving the community that has served me so greatly.


Living here in North Georgia I've witnessed many changes - some for the better and some for the worse. I want to help ensure that this community will be able to provide the same great opportunities that I've had for generations to come. As a man of principle and devotion, it troubles me when the community I love is forgotten and loses its voice at the Capitol.


Today, now more than ever before, our voices should be heard with distinction when it's being so drowned out by fake news and liberal media. Our concerns should be placed at the forefront of our leaders political agenda rather than the establishment and lobbyists. I will be the voice that the people of District 54 so greatly deserve.

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